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Scholarly Saturday -Integrated Family and Systems Treatment (I-FAST)

Scholarly Saturday- Integrated Family and Systems Treatment (I-FAST)

May is the perfect month to highlight an intervention that addresses mental health and attempts to prevent foster care placement. This is a home based treatment for children and adolescents with mental illness who at risk for out of home placement. I read a critical review of the foster care system. It got me thinking again about being proactive versus reactive with social issues.  I lot of children in foster care have significant mental illness.  We need to develop more resources and funding for programs like this. We need to invest more dollars on the front end to programs like this to reduce out of home placement.  After working in the foster care system (which I will write more about tomorrow), I had the privilege of working in community-based  family preservation program. I really believe in this and will also make a larger list of family preservation programs for Tools for Practice Tuesday.

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