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Stuck on #Guncontrol and #Mentalillness

This week I have been thinking a lot about Justice and current events.  I have a lot a lot to stay, but gun control and mental illness has got me stuck. It is about freedom, stigma, civil liberties, safety, the constitution, autonomy, government control, lobbying, money, and self defense (did I miss something?).  I have to collect my thoughts on this  but I am going to share my two favorite blog entries that really add to the discourse on this issue. Please read them as they are excellent articles…

UC Santa Barbara School Shooting: Mental Health vs. Gun Control by Justin Nutt – This article makes a thought provoking comparison of Gun Control and DUI.

Why People with a Mental Illness Shouldn’t Be Denied Guns by Natasha Tracy – Does a great job breaking down some of the issues listed above.


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