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Stuck On #Ferguson

Where Do We Go From Here?

Here are is list of resources and articles that have helped me make more sense of the events in Ferguson and how we can move forward.  This was mostly found via the #MacroSW twitter chat on the social work response to Ferguson.

Articles that offer a fresh perspective…

1) 12 Things White People can do now because of Ferguson via @qz on twitter.

2) Great article in Social Work Helper about opening the dialogue on college campuses.

3) Also for my academic followers, Sociologists for Justice has developed a syllabus to delve deeper into the discussion about Ferguson and racial inequalities.

4) Social Work Synergy (University of Buffalo) by Pat Shelly also compiled great resources and articles as well.

My community organizing re-education – thank you to @karenzgoda and @EgaitanMSW  on twitter for reminding me of the following community organizing resources…

Rules for Radicals By Saul Alinsky

Roots To Power: A Manual for Grassroots Organizing by Lee Staples

Personally I started to think about community/police partnerships and found the following resources..

United States Department of Justice- Community Oriented Policing Services 

A brief article on what a model community/police partnership might look like.

A great model of community policing addressing mental health issues in Texas. Thanks to @EgaitanMSW on twitter for this resource.

If you are trying to wrap your head around the events of Ferguson and what to do about it hopefully something on this list will help.

Sean 🙂

image credit to USA Today.



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