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Tools For Practice Tuesday: Live Through This Photo

There is a lot of stigma attached to being a suicide attempt survivor.  Survivors of suicide are often stigmatized by mental health providers. This is another one of my posts for mental health practitioners that requires some soul searching. Are you nervous about the idea of treating someone who has a history of a significant suicide attempts?  Do you get nervous when you are meeting someone for the first time who has survived a serious attempt?  There is a good resource to perhaps reduce these fears and anxieties.

It is called “Live Through This Photo”

It was founded by Dese’Rae L. Stage, a suicide attempt survivor herself. She interviewed attempt survivors and immediately after the interview was over the took their picture. She has them up on the website and here is the a sample of the picture coupled with the interview.

I see this as a great tool for mental health clinicians and also those in the peer community. First to learn the shear amount of suicide attempt survivors their are. Also that their stories are complex and they matter. Please go beyond the sample and read at least 2 other of the other interviews. This was eye opening for me as a provider and has enhanced my professional development.

I can also see using this as a tool in direct practice. To share this website with your client who is really grappling with this issue. Or even better, if you as the therapist are grappling with how to bring this up in session. Please utilize this great tool to reduce the stigma and fear around this important clinical issue.

Sean 🙂

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