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Scholarly Saturday: Understanding Youth Suicidal Behaviors

Found this excellent piece of research summarized in this article by “Mad In America” . It was a meta-analysis of qualitative research around youth suicide. The main theme they found was that youth “felt” the fear of suicide from their parents and professionals.

My last several posts have been related to clinical self reflection. If you work with Suicidal youth, do you feel comfortable “sitting” and being present with this issue of suicide? If you are not, this article argues that youth recognize and respond to this. As professionals we need to be able to sit and be comfortable with issues of suicide. Certainly an issue to discuss in supervision and your peers. This is one of many findings in this article. If you work with youth this meta-anaylsis of issues of suicide is important….

Lachal, Jonathan, Massimiliano Orri, Jordan Sibeoni, Marie Rose Moro, and Anne Revah-Levy. “Metasynthesis of Youth Suicidal Behaviours: Perspectives of Youth, Parents, and Health Care Professionals.” PLoS ONE 10, no. 5 (May 22, 2015):

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