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Tools for Practice Tuesday: #ZeroSuicide Toolkit

In honor of the ” International Zero Suicide in Healthcare Declaration” happening in Atlanta yesterday and today, I present the following resource.  The idea of Zero Suicide’s seems like lofty one but this goal requires a simple shift in thinking. All systems of care working together, sharing knowledge, and collaborating. As an advocate for behavioral and physical health integration, the notion of “Zero Suicide” is the perfect platform for this.

The Toolkit provides ways for leadership to assess the readiness of your system of care to train your workforce to better assess, engage, and treat suicidal thoughts. Not only that, it provides tools for you to coordinate with other systems of care and develop on going quality improvement…”If not Zero, then what number should we strive for?”

Please share the “Zero Suicide Toolkit” widely!

Also watch this brief video as Dr. Michael Hogan describes Zero Suicide in Healthcare …

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