Tools For Practice Tuesday: Symptom Targeted Intervention

I have been taking the training for Symptom Targeted Intervention (STI) via their online platform. It was a coincidence that I was looking for some CEU’s and stumbled upon it on social media. I have finished 50 percent of the “STI intensive” training (geared for more long term work).

STI is a treatment that incorporates case management principles and coping skills. Founded by medical social worker Melissa McCool, this is a wonderful training for social workers/nurse case managers. The goal is help people identify one particular area or intervention to work on. it employ’s a variety of strategies to attempt to do so. What I really appriciate about the training is the emphasis on the therapist’s use of self. Not only should the therapist be using cognitive behavioral therapy principles on consumers, but also on themselves.

The online platform is user friendly. As someone who has a busy schedule, this platform is great. It can be completed at your own pace. It incorporates some video to demonstrate skills. There is also a weekly video session called “STI School” to further learn and demonstrate skills. I am currently taking a training that is focused on long term work. They are rolling out training’s for shorter term work called STI Stat and  20 Minute Win (focused on maximizing your time in brief 20 minutes visit). This program is intended to work with the Chronic Care Management program by CMS. The shorter-term trainings also intended for Doctors and Nurse Practitioners.

If you work for a care management program, this is a valuable resource. I am about half way through have found this to be a wonderful training…


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