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Chatting with “The Social Workers” Radio Show

On February 2, 2016 I had the pleasure of going back to my social work Alma Mater to visit in a very unique way. I got to go on their radio show called “The Social Workers” (also on twitter at @SocialWorkersFM) . Hosted by Dr. Eric Hardiman (his first year teaching was my first year learning:) and Alyssa Lotmore; they highlight local and national happenings in social work. I got to talk with them about social media and various ways it is relevant to social work, mental health, healthcare, and suicide prevention.  Below is a link to the conversation… I provided some links to resources mentioned and some things that I wish I had included…

My Favorite blog post – The Language of Borderline Personality (My second favorite blog post is Virtual High Five and The Power of Social Media – got a high five via twitter by Dr. David Jobes, suicide prevention leader)

How to Participate in Live Twitter Chat: Tips For Social Workers by Dr. Laurel Hitchcock

Here are some the tweet chats I mentioned and their blogs

Suicide Prevention On Social Media  (#spsm)

Macro Social Work (#macrosw)

Healthcare Leadership (#hcldr)

Healthcare Social Media (#hcsm)  @HealthSocMed

In the end they asked me what is the value of social media. I talked about some the resources learned from professionals. What I failed to mention is connecting with people who receive mental health and health care services. Their tweets and blogs have been a large part of my professional development.  If you venture on social media be prepared to learn from recipients and patient advocates who have a strong presence on social media.

Also another wonderful place to hangout is the Social Work and Technology Group on Google plus. Articles, videos, and the latest evidence are shared on how social work can utilize technology and social media.



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