Tools for Practice Tuesday: GrokCraft – Socio-Emotional Learning on Minecraft

In the past I have shared a presentation by Mike Langlois, LCSW called “Better Living Through Minecraft“. If you work with youth, you MIGHT have heard of the video game Minecraft.  That presentation did a good job talking about how you can infuse some therapeutic concepts from Minecraft into mental health treatment. This was already a great example of “meeting kids where they are.”

Now Mike has taken it a step further and created a platform for social emotional learning through Minecraft called Grokcraft. It is as specific space within Minecraft for youth, families, and providers to participate in…


I probably can’t do the whole thing justice and recommend you go to his introductory blog post. The highlights for me are the parental consent, vetting process, clinician support if needed and there also a peer support component. There is an emphasis on conflict resolution and problem solving which are critical skills for youth to learn.  The platform is not a replacement for therapy but is meant to supplement therapy and special education to increase social-emotional learning.  If this interests you please check out GrokCraft.com for more information.