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Tools for Practice Tuesday: #Snapchat

For the first time I wanted to put a series of questions marks after the title in the blog post. At first glance the social media platform Snapchat might have little to do with with social work. I think it may have some relevance so I decided to take a dive into Snapchat inspired by two things…

  1. Beth Kanter’s blog “Is Your Non-Profit Too Old To Vomit Rainbows?” 

2.  Amelia Lehto’s use of Snapchat for Suicide Prevention via SPSMsnaps

And started to wonder, what is the potential for SnapChat and the goal of my blog…



I am just getting started but I like the “storytelling” potential of the medium. You can share pictures or short 9 second video quickly and all your followers are able to view and comment in real time. I find one pic and video can build upon the next. The snaps that you add to your “story” last for 24 hours. You can also snap directly at individuals or select groups of people.

Saving pictures and video’s to your phone can help create more permanent content (like the above). I have created some pics and videos of things I am passionate about that day and integrated it into Twitter and Facebook posts….



In following and seeing some other content you can get creative with fonts, drawing, and even animation. I am just getting started but there are some serious pro’s out there. Also given it’s reach with youth, Snapchat has interesting potential for youth serving organizations.

Not sure how long I will stick with it but finding it a fun medium for content and storytelling.

UPDATE: My Post on why a switched from SnapChat to Instagram 



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