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Scholarly Saturday- #Aspergers and psychiatric disorders

Scholarly Saturday- Aspergers and Psychiatric disorders. In a recent post I described my struggle with providing clinical case management services for youth diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and a mood disorder as well.   My small sample size of 3 autism spectrum clients are also diagnosed with a significant mood disorder. The work of Mukaddes, Herg U Ner, and Tanidir (2010) elaborates on this including a…

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Office of The Not Quite Mentally Ill but Not Quite Developmentally Disabled

This post is divided into two parts. I started writing Part I last week and after this work week I added the epilogue. Part 1 In New York State we have “The Office Of Mental Health” and “The Office of People with Developmental Disabilities.”  These state entities contract for services in the public and non-profit sector.  Depending on the severity of the…

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