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A Tale of A Social Worker Lost On The Blockchain

What is The Blockchain?   This is a tricky question that I have spend time attempting to understand and will attempt to explain. It is basically a data repository of trusted exchanges (in the case of Bitcoin, money). It acts as a ledger of exchanges between multiple parties over time. One the best explanations from a social work/care management point of…

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My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017 (and some highlights

It has been an interesting year on the blog with my usual mix of musings of things that caught my eye, conferences, and of course following conferences on twitter.  Without further or do here is the blogs you found most interesting in 2017… SocialWorkr Socialworkr is a social media platform geared just for social workers. It got the most views…

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What Therapists (Ok, Just this One) Are Saying About Mental Health Chatbots

Earlier this summer, articles about “WoeBot” took social media by storm. Or at least in the mental health and technology circles I hang with. And in case you missed it the WoeBot is a automated chatbot that checks on you daily and offers some “sessions” in cognitive behavioral therapy. It was again brought up on Facebook and I sort of…

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Tools For Practice Tuesday: Participatory Design via Mad*Pow

Last week I attended this informative webinar via Mad*Pow Design.  It was about the concept of “Participatory Design” and how it can help discover unmet needs.  Taken from the presentation here is the definition… I found this a great tool to perhaps get your organization “unstuck”.  In mental health and non-profit spaces we often design programs with organizational leaders as…

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Net Neutrality and The Under-Served?

The election of Donald Trump as President has increased an understanding in issues that I did not really care about nor grasp before. Net Neutrality is one of them. The Wikipedia definition of “Net Neutrality” is as follows… Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet should treat all data on the Internet the…

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