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A Tale of A Social Worker Lost On The Blockchain

What is The Blockchain?   This is a tricky question that I have spend time attempting to understand and will attempt to explain. It is basically a data repository of trusted exchanges (in the case of Bitcoin, money). It acts as a ledger of exchanges between multiple parties over time. One the best explanations from a social work/care management point of…

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“Hey Google…How Old Are You?”

As someone who keeps up with technology, I may have underestimated the power of voice technology.  This as I am a few day removed from watching my 5 and 9 year old son’s play with a Google Dot. They couldn’t tear themselves away asking Google the above question in the title” and many more like… “Hey Google… What’s Your Phone…

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Tools For Practice Tuesday: Prof2Prof

Last week I brought to you a review of a social media platform just for social workers founded by a social worker. This week is an other peer to peer solution but created for higher education. An added bonus is that it was also founded by a social worker.  As somebody just cutting my teeth with adjunct teaching, I found Dr.…

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What Therapists (Ok, Just this One) Are Saying About Mental Health Chatbots

Earlier this summer, articles about “WoeBot” took social media by storm. Or at least in the mental health and technology circles I hang with. And in case you missed it the WoeBot is a automated chatbot that checks on you daily and offers some “sessions” in cognitive behavioral therapy. It was again brought up on Facebook and I sort of…

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Guest Post For HealthcareScene.Com: Building a Bridge Between #HITsm & #SWtech

The last two weeks have presented an interesting convergence of events. As a social worker attempting to keep up with the latest technology, I use several means. One of them is to follow two hashtags on twitter. #SWtech is a smallish group of social workers interested in the latest technology and its impact on our profession. The other is #HITsm. Readers of this…

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Tools For Practice Tuesday: “Stress Free” App via Thrive

I had the pleasure to be invited by Sam Glass of Thrive, based in the UK, to demo their stress management app. Mental health apps continue to interest me.  From the case management perspective, I look for two main things. First that the app can be the extension of a therapy session that can be a “homework assignment”. Secondly, the…

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