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What is An API and Why It Matters to Social Work

Technology is making the world shrink and this is good thing for social work.  The more we can use technology to increase connectivity, the better.  Technology between this blog and other apps and services exists but quite honestly I have no idea how this works.  My interest in technology has lead me to want to learn a little more. It…

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Everything You Needed To Know About Social Work In One Google Search

….Well… maybe… The Google search auto-fill is often interesting.  There are often humorous examples posted on social media like… I am not an expert on search but just a few observations from this. Google’s algorithm this is how people are talking about Charles Darwin on the internet.  This post was inspired by coming across this tweet… And these are questions…

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Chatting with @RN_Solutions

Last week I had the pleasure to chat with Amelia Roberts, RN on her podcast. She owns “Solutions By Amelia”, whose mission is to “Do Entrepreneurship In Healthy Way”. She works with healthcare providers and others to help build their business and social media presence. We talked about a variety of ways you can use social media for professional development.…

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What Therapists (Ok, Just this One) Are Saying About Mental Health Chatbots

Earlier this summer, articles about “WoeBot” took social media by storm. Or at least in the mental health and technology circles I hang with. And in case you missed it the WoeBot is a automated chatbot that checks on you daily and offers some “sessions” in cognitive behavioral therapy. It was again brought up on Facebook and I sort of…

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#ABetterDeal: For Who?

I am going to take a slight break from reading/tweeting about the healthcare bill to talk about the Democratic theme for the mid-term elections in 2018. I was both surprised and disappointed to see the message. Drum roll please… “A Better Deal” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced this today in this New York Times Op Ed piece.. Opinion |…

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Guest Post For HealthcareScene.Com: Building a Bridge Between #HITsm & #SWtech

The last two weeks have presented an interesting convergence of events. As a social worker attempting to keep up with the latest technology, I use several means. One of them is to follow two hashtags on twitter. #SWtech is a smallish group of social workers interested in the latest technology and its impact on our profession. The other is #HITsm. Readers of this…

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